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Dusty Blue Hydrangea Lighted Mason Jar Centerpiece - Free Shipping

Dusty Blue Hydrangea Lighted Mason Jar Centerpiece - Free Shipping

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Dusty Blue Hydrangea Lighted Mason Jar Centerpiece

Your choice of pint size or quart size mason jar includes one set of warm white LED fairy lights, and one silk dusty blue colored hydrangea, and a jute bow.  These centerpieces are very popular for weddings, baby showers, parties, corporate events, holiday events, and any other event that requires table centerpieces. They also look great in any room of your house or office.

Each jar set includes:
(1) clear mason jar
(1) set of LED fairy lights
(1) faux dusty blue colored hydrangea stem
(1) jute bow

Quart jars are approximately 6.25" tall (approximately 9" with hydrangea)
Pint jars are approximately 5.20" tall (approximately 8" with hydrangea)

**The LED fairy lights last for 24-48 continuous hours before needing to change batteries. Extra are included.

NOTE: To make sure the centerpieces arrive fully intact for your special event, they are shipped unassembled in full protective and professional packaging. Once received, you'll only need to unravel the light set and place the flower in the jar.  Shipped by USPS mail.

Please do not expose to or submerge in water. They may be cleaned with a damp cloth only.

Thank you for visiting my shop and please let me know if you have any questions.

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